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Vacation Rental FAQs

Q: What happens if I fail my inspection? 

If deficiencies are found during your inspection, depending on the severity of the deficiency, one of the following actions will take place:

1. The inspector will have you correct the deficiency while they are on site with you.

2. The inspector will issue a report and you will have forty five (45) days to correct the deficiency. Depending on the specific deficiency, sometimes an inspector will come back to re-inspect, or sometimes a picture of the corrected deficiency will suffice. 

In short, do not worry about failing an inspection. The West Manatee Fire and Rescue District is not looking to penalize you. We are looking to work with you to ensure the safety of all your guests and our first responders. Think of your inspection as more of a consultation. Even if you believe your TPLE is not ready, schedule your inspection anyway!

Q: Do you have any examples of approved emergency lighting? 

A: Yes. Below are 2 approved emergency lighting products:

Photo of an emergency lighting option

Purchase Here: Amarelle Emergency Lights


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Purchase Here: briteOWL Failure Outlet

Q: How do I know if my rental property is in West Manatee Fire & Rescue's district? 

A: Below is our district outline map. It does not zoom into specific areas, but shows our boundaries.

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If you are ever unsure of whether you are in our district, you can search the property on the Manatee County Property appraiser website by clicking here and it will tell you whose jurisdiction the property is in. If it is ours, it will say City of Bradenton Beach, City of Anna Maria, City of Holmes Beach, or Unincorporated Manatee County. The placement of this info is shown below:

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Q: How do I know if my portable fire extinguisher has been annually certified? 


1.   Contact a professional: If you are unsure about the status of the certification, it's best to contact a certified fire protection professional or a company that provides fire extinguisher services. They can inspect the extinguisher and provide you with a clear answer about its certification status.

2.   Check the inspection tag/sticker: Look for a tag/sticker attached to the fire extinguisher. This tag should indicate the last date of inspection or servicing. Every fire extinguisher shall be inspected on a yearly basis. 

Regular maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers are essential for ensuring their effectiveness in case of emergencies.